Jobpics Europe

Jobpics Europe is a project funded by SIU (The Norwegian Centre for International Cooperation in Higher Education) / the European Commission, as a transfer of innovation project, through EU’s Lifelong Learning Programme.


The EU’s Lifelong Learning Programme is designed to promote mobility, international understanding and cooperation in education, and runs from 2007 until 2013. This programme is divided into four sub-programmes according to the relevant target groups, and Jobpics Europe is funded by the sub-programme Leonardo da Vinci – which aims at  vocational and professional training and project partnerships between the education sector and business.


Jobpics is a new picture based vocational interest tool developed for the Vocational Rehabilitation field. It was released by the Association of Vocational Rehabilitation Enterprises, Norway (AVRE) last spring 2009. The purpose of Jobpics is to work with vocational interests of persons served in a systematic way to avoid wrong career choices and to prepare for optimal career choices in the rehabilitation process.


Jobpics is a small methodical contribution which aims to counteract the trends in Norway and in other European countries, where failures in the transition from school to work and the level of disability pensions is on the rise. Since the problems are increasing we need to develop more systematic methods in the guidance field.


The main target group of Jobpics is the part of persons in vocational rehabilitation who has an ordinary job as a goal (Supported employment etc.), transition from school to working life, transition from prison back to work in society, etc. Jobpics can also be used in cases where  employment in more sheltered settings is the goal. The tool has in addition a wide potential in the ordinary career guidance systems, like school systems, as well.

Jobpics consist of 183 pictures printed on durable polypropylene cards with motives from different vocations.  Jobpics is based on the internationally well known RIASEC system from the career guidance field. RIASEC is a metodic system for categorizing the vocations in a country as well as exploring and systematize the vocational interests of a person. RIASEC catogorize vocations and interests into the following six categories. Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Sosial, Enterprising and Conventional.
By adapting well recogniced theories from related fields like career guidance, with stringent theories which have proven their usefulness over decades we believe methods and the results in the field of vocational rehabilitation can take significant steps ahead.
The idea of the project is to spread The RIASEC system and the innovative product Jobpics to other european countries, by developing and disseminating national versions of Jobpics.  The project in each country will include: development and adaption of Jobpics in each country to fit national labour market vocations, production of a prototype, establish a marketing and distribution system and arrange training courses. After this project is completed, the Jobpics may be disseminated into further more european countries.
We have found cooperating partners which represent a several different european countries that are interested in, and able to adapt Jobpics to the cultural context of their own country. The partners form a good mix of organizations, including vocational rehabilitation enterprises, a vocational college and a university.